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Statistical process control (SPC) is a method of quality control which employs statistical methods to monitor and control a process. This helps to ensure that the process operates efficiently, producing more specification-conforming products with less waste (rework or scrap).

Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Manufacturing

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an industry-standard procedure for measuring and monitoring quality during the manufacturing process. Quality data as Product or Process estimations are acquired in real-time during manufacturing.

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What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)? Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality during the manufacturing process. Quality data in the form of Product or Process measurements are obtained in real-time during manufacturing.

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What is Statistical Process Control (SPC) SPC is method of measuring and controlling quality by monitoring the manufacturing process. Quality data is collected in the form of product or process measurements or readings from various machines or instrumentation.

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What is SPC? The aim of Statistical Process Control (SPC) is to establish a controlled manufacturing process by the use of statistical techniques to reduce process variation. A decrease in variation will lead to: better quality; lower costs (waste, scrap, rework, claims, etc.); more insight into the capability of the process.


Consequently, data must be gathered and analyzed. This is where statistical process control (SPC) comes in. For over 70 years, the manufacturing arena has benefited from the tools of SPC that have helped guide the decision-making process. In particular, the control chart has helped determine whether special-cause variation is present implying

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