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Cleanaway offers EPA-approved concrete disposal and concrete recycling services. We accept a variety of construction demolition waste items including broken bricks, concrete, tiles and rubble. With affordable concrete dumping fees, our Cleanaway Lonsdale depot is fully equipped to handle all forms of concrete removal and civil construction debris.

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Solo’s North Plympton Site can accept most commercial and residential material. This site is part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme – all households and small businesses can recycle computers and TVs for free at this site.

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Construction and Demolition Recycling in the Adelaide City Council area - Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Brought to you by Bingo Industries ... such as concrete ...

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Adelaide Roof Tile Recyclers stock Hundreds of thousands of Recycled Roof Tiles suitable for repairs and additions. We can supply most profiles of Terracotta and Concrete roof tiles in various colours. If you need to do a repair we will more than likely be able to supply the tiles you need.

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Pure Recycling Streams (recycle) Separate your pure recycling streams of metals, cardboard, paper, plastics, timber, green waste, food waste, bottles and cans, bricks and concrete into individual receiving containers and you will be saving on outsourced labour costs and any future increase in the EPA waste to landfill levy.

Adelaide Hills Recycling Centre

Adelaide Hills Recycling Centre; your local family owned recycling centre, provides a comprehensive range of recycling services. Adelaide Hills residents, community groups, schools and businesses use our depot to recycle unwanted rubbish 6 days a week.

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Concrete Recycling. Purpose built off-site facilities and primary, secondary and tertiary mobile contract crushing and screening plants can be deployed to produce high grade road base and aggregates for civil construction and infrastructure projects. A mobile pug mill can also produce site specific blended, wet mix or cement treated materials.

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ARR operates a 20-hectare resource recovery plant at Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre. Hundreds of companies from throughout metropolitan Adelaide bring construction and demolition waste, traditionally buried in landfills, to ARR at Wingfield. It is transformed into products such as concrete pavers, aggregate, sand and bitumen.

Adelaide Resource Recovery - ARR

Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) is a South Australian company committed to the comprehensive recycling of construction & demolition materials into valuable resources. ARR operates a 120-hectare resource recovery facility at the Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre.

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Brick & Concrete Waste Disposal Specifications. When filling a brick and concrete skip bin, there are some additional specifications that need to be followed for correct and safe disposal of your heavy waste. When it comes to heavy waste removal, 9 cubic metre bins can only be filled three quarters of the way up as they become too heavy to lift.